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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Linguist View Post
    First, I like to read and/or listen to others, while interjecting questions in order to clarify points if appropriate (otherwise, I will wait til the end). Second, I like to mull everything over in my head - puzzling over fantasy scenarios, testing out different ideas, seeing the value of this or that - sometimes I jot down notes or ideas because they are often flighty so I have to do that or else I will forget in the torrent of other ideas that just pop up. Third, I talk with a small group of people to sort of test out my ideas in spoken form. Then, after clarifying everything, I love to engage in all out WAR against the other group - ahem - I mean debate - ahem. Usually at this time, I also see the impact to others which may or may not have been clear from the start. Right, then I like to utilize this time to test out my ideas, others' ideas, and see which one is best. Then, I filter it through my own perceptions. At the end of class, I like to see which one is the best idea - not as a final answer - that almost never happens - but as a springboard to do more thinking and analyzing and talk with others whenever the opportunity arises.

    DOH!!!! Do any of you other ENFPs do this?!?!
    dude, i do that all the time! i usually whisper to my class buddy and try and figure things out with him. pisses people off sometimes :P. if i'm sure i see something that everyone else is missing or i'm just sure that i'm right, i jump right into the big conversation. i do both quite a lot.

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    Visual and hands on is the best for me. And I learn best by myself. I think that all that time in school where the teacher lectured us was pretty much a waste of time. Seven hours? Come on. I could have done it much faster if you would have just left me to it. Also, if I get into a group, I tend to talk crap more than work, so that's not very effective. I can also do well in a partnership situation.

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    my preferences are visual, small group, traditional, setting and personal pace.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueWing View Post
    Introverted Feelers learn best when direct applications to the human element are evinced. Unlike the Extroverted Feeling type, the Introverted Feeling type is concerned not with how personal experiences relate to society, but what they mean to the narrator. Participation from all members of the audience is not required, nor is the frequent sharing of sentiment. In fact it is even best that it manifests implicitly rather than explicitly, but the connection to the human element must be manifest to the Introverted Feeler in order to become motivated to learn.
    that's very true for me. i almost failed a freshman science class that introduced the basics of chemistry and physics. on the other, if i had to research those topics to find my supporting my spiritual belief, i'd push myself to find out as much as i could. chances are, however, even after all that research, i wouldn't truly understand what i had "learned."

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