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    fake thread.

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    I suspect you knew this was not a good acceptance essay when you posted it. If you really submitted this, I agree with whomever said if you get in it won't be because of the essay. Most people apply to multiple schools so I would probably recommend that even if you'd written a stellar essay. Good luck to you. I hope college is a setting that leads to personal growth for you.

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    I think its coherent and organized, but it seems like look at how amazing i am omg you have to accept me cuz i did a shit ton of drugs blah blah blah. the fact you said you've only been sober 9 months i'm sure the admissions people have been around the block enough to be weary about letting someone with9 month clean time in and they might not want to risk accepting someone with such a heavy drug history, I would've left that out honestly.I know people who would get sober for 11 months and right around that time relapse and fuck everything up in a month or less.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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