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    Quote Originally Posted by gromit View Post
    Haha I am biased, but you could consider doing pediatric physical therapy!

    You could work with young kids in the home or older kids at preschool or school-school. The kids all have different needs, some developmental, some cognitive, some just straight-up physical, and you would have to be really engaged and creative. Never a dull moment.

    It requires a doctoral degree (3yrs) so you'd have to get a bachelor's degree/make sure you have the prerequisites, and then apply to the grad programs.
    Not bad.

    And it also doesn't hurt to start thinking (god you're so young, but never to early to plan) about ca$h money. Not as a goal, but just consider that a lot of college students (or at least my generation, X) think money will just land in your lap if you study real hard, but certain industries are safer bets LIIiiiiiiikkke, healthcare, in gromit's case.

    Just throwin that out there. I wish I'd thought of that more seriously.

    And you can always go teach abroad and make money for a semester or two. There's a million ways to do that.

    But damn, don't forget to have a little fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLovelyAdventure View Post
    Hi, everyone! I'm new here, and it's really nice to meet all of you

    I just have a predicament. (Well, "predicament" might be a strong word.) But I'm a freshman in college, and registration for spring classes is coming up quite soon. I want to be able to register for some classes that might have some correlation to what I want to do in the future as a career, but I have no clue what I want to do with my life. What kinds of careers would be good for someone like me?

    First off, I'm an ENFP, if that helps. Other things about me:
    • I love working with, guiding, and helping people.
    • I absolutely adore children.
    • I consider myself highly independent; I want to be able to do my own thing.
    • I hate routine, but at the same time I love being in control of things and organizing things.
    • I love leading other people and being looked up to.
    • I love excitement and new experiences. Repetition and monotony bore me to no end.

    Well, any help would be lovely! Thanks so much!
    Welcome aboard, @OneLovelyAdventure (that name is kinda good for this site, too).

    I think @gromit gave the best advice -- pediatric physical therapy.
    Child psychologist is good, except that many of them end up dealing with troubled children, and that often means troubled families.
    Were you an INFP, that'd be a natural fit; but as an ENFP -- I think you'd like more uplifting work.
    Secondly, the bureaucracy can take the life out of you: but if you did physical therapy, you'd get to see more direct feedback and positive results:
    which would be very fulfilling.

    (I once had eye work done by an opthamologist who had switched over from first-in-their-class-in-cardiology for med school, because heart doctors often have their patients *die* on them,
    whereas eye doctors often *restore* sight. One is much more depressing than the other. Same principle here.)

    Good luck from a 5w4 sx/sp INTJ robot.
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    re: pediatric PT...

    If you feel like this might be a good fit for you, see if you can talk to a practicing peds PT about her/his daily routine. You may or may not be able to shadow/observe as well. It would likely depend on parental consent. I don't know exactly how that works as I didn't do any pediatrics during my observation hours.

    Also, here is a link to the most common prerequisites (published by the centralized application system for PT programs in the US):

    Do those sound like courses you could see yourself studying? The programs are quite science-based. You also look at things from a behavioral perspective as well. But the science side is definitely something to consider.
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