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Thread: resume help?

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    Default resume help?

    I'm surely not the only clueless one here about how to write a resume- I focused on the academic as opposed to practical aspect of my college education and managed to graduate without a clue as to how to write a resume

    Now I realize that the job I have without having written one sucks like a black hole and that I need to figure out how to write one to escape to happier, sunnier, better paying pastures.

    Anyone have tips and pointers as to how one should construct a resume? Help will be much appreciated, and if you're ever in Indy I'd buy you a beer in thanks!
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    Have you checked your school's career center or its website? They usually have good sample rsums available, esp. for people with your educational background. Otherwise, poking around google can land you samples for various levels of education/job types.
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    Post your resume here and we'll clean it up free of charge. (Might want to block personal info, tho.)

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    I'm no expert but we got an expert to counsel my husband on how to punch up his resume the last time he was looking for work. Her advice included:

    • Keep it on a single page if you can.
    • If your education is stronger, list it first. If your experience is stronger, list it first.
    • Avoid passive sentence construction such as "was promoted by." Say "earned promotion" instead.
    • When you list your duties at current and former jobs, use strong action words like "overhauled" instead of "fixed" and "restructured" instead of "organized." Also stuff like "managed" or "directed" instead of "was responsible for."

    I wouldn't mind glancing at it if you want. I can't fine-tooth it but I can give you some global pointers.

    Edit: Or, like Edahn said, take the personal info out of it and let us all take a crack at it.
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    Send it PM or email and I'll look. I like doing resumes!

    I'll post a little snippet of mine for help ideas turning your retail/customer service experience into something meaningful.

    Senior Sales Associate
    Promoted sales opportunities and customer satisfaction by recommending items of interest to customers such as [insert whatever your sold]
    Assisted new Sales Associates and customers by providing guidance and information

    Sales Specialist
    Provided superior customer service by building and maintaining relationships with customers
    Consistently met and exceeded sales goals by averaging $500 per shift

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    Excellent advice from Ivy and Protean. Action words and specific accomplishments are the way to go - eg, "Increased wine sales 20% every quarter from Spring, 2006 to Summer, 2008."

    The new kind of resume is tailored to the position. Every job is slightly different, so read the job description and use their words to describe what you've done. Done this way the resume and/or cover letter often write themselves. Check the company's website for information about them and don't be afraid to use it.
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