I've had enough of working corporate and in my country at least there's a real move to make working for others an absolute misery. The constant erosion of working conditions have meant that real wages have been going backwards for at least a decade now. Every year it gets less and less attractive to be in paid employment. Luckily I'm debt free, and I've got savings to make my self sufficiency dream a reality.

So I'm transitioning this next year. I'll be taking a step back from my current career and finding work where I can learn whatever skills I need. I intend to be self-employed to some degree by writing but there is so much I don't know. So I'm applying for a job with a publisher. I should learn everything I need to know there and the paycut will just be the cost of my education. I'll stay there as long as I'm learning and that will give me time to work my land on the weekends. I'm a pretty good gardener and the idea is to improve the fertility of the soil then eventually produce fruits and greens and eggs on the plot. I had a trial run of this on some land a year ago and it worked very well. I was able to get the basics down and make some mistakes with regards to plant selection, sowing or seedlings and controlling of pests.

I'm currently researching putting some kind of temp/camping accomodation on the plot for weekend use, that will come in handy for when I build something more permanent. But I estimate a few grand will get something shed-like on the plot to house my tools, a BBQ, camp equipment etc. I will even install some solar for a bit of power.

All in all I estimate this transition will take another 5yrs before I am ready to quit the day job. But it's a transition I am happy to make and the only one where I see a real future for myself as well. Maybe I'm prepping for a zombie apocalypse.... But seriously I don't see a huge future in employment now that we've reached the digital age and companies are going as virtual as possible. I forsee a large number of jobs becoming redundant, I may as well create something to go to when that time comes.