Complexity, I think that you will hate retail. It's worse than 9-5, it's 12hr days 7 days a week. The best option might be an internet business as essentially the store can be open while you are not there. If the only reason to do it is to have a job then I think it could possibly be one of the most difficult ways to buy a job.

I am very much a gypsy by nature with a short attention span also prone to zoning out for long periods at a time. I used to do technical work which frankly I sucked at. My present job is probably the best fit I've ever had for me. I work shifts on a highly variable roster. I never would have thought I'd like this but I do. I enjoy the variability as well, routine bores me a great deal. Despite that the job itself isn't rocket science and I quickly mastered the tasks, arranged them efficiently and have been on autopilot for many years now. This combination has helped me to sustain a career long-term. Ever thought of working on cruise ships for a season? You'd get good exposure to a wide variety of work and it may help you sort through the mass of options. If you can't handle the public then perhaps try super yachts instead. There's lots of work out there that isn't 9-5 and gives autonomy.

I was also an artist, although I didn't starve. In fact I had good demand for my work that exceeded my ability to produce it. I left it because I wanted to buy a house and banks like paid jobs.

So my advice would be to find out what you are good at, then find a job where you can leverage that aspect and minimise all the others. Try and choose a job with a certain level of autonomy that way you are not having to please a direct supervisor all the time and can arrange your work in ways that suit you rather than having to fit into an established system. Have you looked into something like publishing? Starting out as a first reader (wading through slush piles to find the gems to be passed onto editors for review) or something similar? It's a kind of work where you would be independant and can use your innate skills to get the job done.