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    Default Trying to find my way in life

    Hi, I just graduated from the Swedish equivalent of high school this summer and now it's time for me to choose what to study and become at the university.

    Since I was in the "science program/line" in high school (which is the broadest in regards to what you can study afterwards) I got pretty biased to science subjects. Especially chemistry, since I was pretty good at it. So when I applied for university this spring I chose chemical engineering. But now that I've graduated and have been away from all science stuff I've really had a moment to think through what I really want.

    Chemistry doesn't really sound that interesting to me, but I'm as I said pretty good at it, so it would maybe feel as a waste of my skills if I did something else.

    I'm very interested in psychology and chose some psychology classes during high school out of those you could choose for yourself and I enjoyed it, although I didn't get very good grades. But studying and learning how the human mind and behavior works has always been very interesting to me.

    I'm also very interested in history, and I often play historical games. But during the history classes in school I always sat and read about things in my book and wasn't very keen on doing the assignments like comparing historical things with today and things like that, and my grades in history too suffered from it. I only liked to just read about things and imagining how things must've looked back then and such.

    Another thing I'm interested in is technological things, everything from computers to cellphones to cool gadgets, and I'm also kind of good at these things and systems.

    So what I'm thinking about now is if I should start my studies in chemical engineering this fall, or if I should hop off and study something else next year, and in that case what?

    Chemical engineering would give me a job with good pay and I'd be pretty good at it probably, but it just doesn't sound very interesting to be honest. But there's a possibility to take a master which makes me a high school teacher in chemistry and math (the two good things which I was best at). I'm very good at and enjoy teaching, but they don't get very good salaries here.

    I could also try to apply for studying to a psychologist, and maybe work as one for a while before becoming a researcher in psychology, which is something I think I'd enjoy very much, maybe eventually becoming a professor in the subject. The thing is that it's very hard to get in and I'd have to study to the so-called "university test" to get at least 1.7 or 1.8 out of 2.0 (I got 1.35 first time I did it at the beginning of last year without any preparation).

    Or should I try to study something connected to history? Being a scholar in the subject would probably be very interesting, or maybe an archaeologist or something.

    I just can't make up my mind.

    I'm a 9w1 INFP and if you'd like to know something more about me or the things I've talked about, just ask me.

    Hoping for some help in this matter!

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    You'll resent me, and/or yourself for listening to me, if I give you advice that leads to your unhappiness. It's your decision to make, it's your life to live.

    Focus more on how to make the decision rather than on what the decision should be. To that end, explore yourself...grow into the person you want to be...and consider all possibilities. Your chances of being happy with whatever you decide are then helped.

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    I'm a chemist currently in grad school for it (already have my B.S. degree in chemistry). What I will say about chemistry is, even if you're great at it, if you don't find it interesting, or have some sort of passion for it, it's really hard to make it though and you'll hate your career. You have to balance between what you are interested in, and what you are good at (along with what you can make a living out of doing). Chemical engineering is similar in that you have to like it to make it, you also have to be really good at math. Many degree requirements for CE at most universites are only 1 or 2 classes short of a math minor. Chemical engineering is much less chemistry, and much more physics; heat (think ΔH, ΔG) energy, and fluid mechanics. If you don't think it sounds interesting, DON'T do it.

    I think it might be best to start as an undeclared (assuming you want to go to university), and take a course in sciences and the humanties. After the first year you'll be able to make a direction and then what you already took could fill core classes.

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    I started this thread to help people in your situation: Being Smart About Your Degree Choice

    I recommend doing a science, engineering or technology degree and pursuing artistic interests in your spare time.

    Psychology and history do not pay. Chemistry may. Engineering and IT will.

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