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    Default Bespoke Shoe Making Course

    Cleary I was born 200yrs too late. But I'm wanting to do another practical artisan course and shoemaking is really floating my boat. First of all just about everything made in an Asian factory is crap. So just about all things are crap. I love artisan products, especially items made to a fine finish and high quality. Cannot afford $1000 shoes [right now] but even I could I just about hate everything stylistically anyway. Loving the idea of learning the fine art of bespoke shoe making, bring on the silk brocade mules! Loving even more the idea of being an eccentric old biddy in big hats, secretly crafting amazingly gorgeous footwear. When I die and people clean out my house it will be like Aladdins cave of one off slippers.

    Of course it wouldn't hurt to have my own swanky boutique down a cobblestoned street either while I'm still living. Yeah, oing to do this. There just aren't enough artisans in the world really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhoCares View Post
    First of all just about everything made in an Asian factory is crap. So just about all things are crap.
    Apple products are high quality products made in asian factories. They are not inefficient machines and therefore do not warrant a label of inefficiency except in areas it was not made for. One can say an apple computer is inefficient as a hat as it is heavy and cannot maintain its position on one's head. Most other computers and phones and are also made in asian factories and efficiency is sought out in many of the higher end companies.
    In point, it is fairly unfair to mention the inefficiency of asian factories when the reality holds that they are in fact varied.

    I very much enjoy specific types of shoes and encourage you on your craftsmanship. Custom tailored shoes are usually sought out in higher class communities along with custom suiting and the like.

    Could make unusual looking shoes.

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