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    I wanted to be homeschool, i didn't do well socially or academically in school, my parents were actually told by a professional when i was entering 1st grade and same with my kindergarten teachers to never put me in class of more than 15 students and I'd do best one on one so i went to small private schools and had tutors for math. (i'm better at highschool math such as algebra than I am at basic math)
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    I don't have kids, and I was never homeschooled, but I don't think I would unless there was a serious issue. I would encourage my kids to get out and just see the world around them as much as they could. I know it's not like this for everyone, but part of the schooling process is interacting with other people that aren't just like you, and learning to gain some independence from your family for when you need it most.

    There are exceptions, however, like if my child was being severely bullied and no measure, such as changing schools or speaking with that brat's parents or the brat him/herself made anything better for the kid, I would go over online schools or even homeschooling with my child. There would be more pressure on the whole family for teaching the child ourselves, dealing with tests and schoolwork, and how that would tie in with potential extracurricular activities and work (for the parents).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameeker View Post
    Thanks for the answers @Al Hoove! I have a similar situation. I loved school, but my bf hated it. However, we both agree that homeschooling is the better way to go. Part of the reason why I support homeschooling is because of the Common Core, which dramatically changes the public schooling environment from what we both knew. Another part of it is the fact that I realized I did a lot of project-based unschooling with friends but just didn't realize that is what it is, and I think that contributed to why I enjoyed learning more than my peers.

    Also, I am noticing even at age 30 that my bf still has certain attitudes that I'm certain he picked up from getting his education from his peers rather than from his parents. The damage has already been done and I'm working on re-educating him on *ahem* certain things, but I would prefer that my children do not learn about the birds and the bees from his or her peers, who would know just as much, if not less.
    Kids learn about the birds and bees from peers because parents have not taught them about it. A knowledge vacuum, like any other, wants to be filled. If homeschoolers are doing projects with friends, the opportunity for extracurricular "peer learning" remains, unless parents limit those friends to kids whose families share their exact perspective on such topics. This is a big part of much of the religiously motivated homeschooling I see.

    Motivations aside, if you and your bf eventually decide to homeschool, who will do it, at the expense of whatever else they might be doing with that portion of their life? I have seen individual cases where homeschooling makes good sense, whether due to illness/disability, travel, or some other specific need. In response to broader deficiencies in public education, however, it has always looked like another case of mothers fixing society's problems for free.
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    I wish I had been home schooled.
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    I went to school normally, but probably still learnt more academically from my parents in a lot of areas than my teachers. I figure I might have been better educated academically if my parents homeschooled, and school wasn't exactly my idea of a party, but still I'd regret having missed out on the other experiences that go with school.

    I'd probably be against home schooling where parents don't know the subjects very well and/or the child doesn't get a lot of social interaction and diversity, because I could see there being a disadvantage to the child in terms of education and development.
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