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    Question interview

    Ok, so I have a job interview in a few days. I often get through to interviews but don't usually get the job. I'm an ISFJ and not good at giving answers. I need time to think about things and form conclusions. I also find it hard to relate to the questions as the info is all vague and looking I can't apply it to a real context. Any ideas on how to make it easier? I really need this job!

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    you should be taking any interview you can get, this will help you practice answering questions. especially go for interviews for jobs that you have absolutely no chance of getting... without that pressure, this will give you an idea of how you should be in a normal interview. dont worry about taking your time answering the questions, or asking for clarification. this will show employers that you can be careful and precise.

    make sure you know your resume backwards and fowards, and can talk about each item on it comprehensively.

    the main thing is confidence... if you cant even handle answering interview questions, do you think they'd trust you with the responsibilities of the position? think less "i need this job" and more "i deserve this job!"

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    write down every question that you have ever been asked in an interview, and reformulate it to fit this particular job. take the time to answer those questions BEFORE you go into the interview. have your perfect answer ready. i have to think about things just like you do - writing out my answers beforehand helped so much.

    do not forget to answer "why do you want to work for company x?" do your research! have an answer that isn't total bullshit.

    come up with a list of really good, interesting, and insightful questions to ask them back at the end of the interview. ask a few of these. and then, i personally think it's a good idea to get back in touch, thank them for taking the time to speak with you, and ask them a few more good questions. this shows your continued interest and commitment.

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    Here are a couple of ideas:

    1) Role-play with a friend or SO. Answer some of the questions you're likely to be asked. You can find these on websites. Basically, work history, other kinds of experience, why you want the job and why you'd be good at the job.

    2) Take the bull by the horns and ask a few questions yourself. Find out about the company or business and show you know something about it. If that information is available on their website, read it and ask a follow-up question. Be informed and show you want to know more about the position, the company and the field.

    In both of these ways you can prepare yourself. If you can figure out why you want that job - and it can't just be the money - you'll have a much better chance of getting it.

    3) Do an informational interview at a company where you'd like to get a job but that isn't specifically looking for someone now. Ask questions. What's the job like? What kind of people get hired? What skills and traits do their most successful employees have?

    Good luck.
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