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    I have an ENFP brother who has had similar troubles with finding a career, but finally in his mid-30's (edging towards late 30's actually!) he's finally found one that he can get his teeth into: driving instructor.

    He says it's perfect for him because:

    a) it uses his natural aptitude for driving
    b) it uses his natural affinity with people
    c) every hour is a different pupil, every pupil is a different kettle of fish
    d) constantly adjusting his method, his lessons etc for each pupil makes him excel as a teacher and get great results from his pupils
    e) he's self-employed and therefore is free to take a bit of time out if he gets a bit bored, without fearing losing the job.
    f) it's a 'region free' job - he can satisfy his need for changes of scene by moving to new towns etc, but never has trouble finding students.

    Of course, this might work better in my part of Europe, where driving isn't taught as a lesson at school and adults have to pay out a LOT of money to learn to drive (hence why many have no licence well into 40's and beyond). I'm not sure how it works where you are though.
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    2. my grades arent that great so that doesnt help (gpa 3.39)
    Lol, only for medical school.. only for med school.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mondo View Post
    Lol, only for medical school.. only for med school.
    are you implying that my 3.4 aint that low?

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    Guess, when picking your profession you have to find whatever you liked most and then stick to it. There then will be sometimes you hate it and do it for a job and sometimes you thrive on it.

    I choosed in school four major topics I specialized in. That was german and english language, biology and evangelism.

    Today I have a B.Sc. and study engineering. I knew from the beginning I will fail in math and I will badly fail in physics. With physics, I was right, I managed it somehow, though but concerning math, I am on of the best in my class. Though I never scored better than a D or E in school

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