One of the most annoying things when I am studying is the book itself. There is this precarious situation that occurs when I am studying. I want to stay on the page that I am on, but I also want to jot/type down any notes that I would need. I would either need to hold the page, or turn the book upside-down just so that I can type my notes. The number of times I have done both have made me realize how much time I am wasting just with placing the book in a position so that I wouldn't have to flip through all those pages over again. What make this situation more complicated is that I am constantly looking up and down between, say, reading the book and typing on the computer.

Bookmarks are nice, but the situation still occurs, I would need to flip through all those pages a dozen or more times when I could be jotting down notes.

So the question, do any of you guys use book stands? If so, is there one you guys recommend that isn't too bulky and that can be taken along with me?