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    Default Going traveling (need input).

    Hi all,
    I plan to travel around Asia for the next one year before I head to grad school or settle into more formal employment. Working in corporations and a corporation-like NGO for the past three years has zapped my energy. On top of that, I have depression. Now, I understand that I am losing my youth. I am a writer and public policy/lobbyist by profession, and would like nothing more to exercise my skills in a nurturing environment. Alas, this is not the case, so I am going traveling.

    I plan to head to Myanmar during the water festival in April. That will take up just USD 300 (which is still a lot, considering this is half the average salary of a fresh entrant with a university degree). At this point, I really would not like to commit to a full-time job (due to aforementioned depression). Do not question why I must take this trip. I must, I must.

    After I head to Myanmar, I would like to make my way, perhaps to China, then to Indonesia.

    So: what work should I do?

    There are not a lot of freelance writing gigs available, so relying mostly on that is out of the question.

    - I can work in a Subway. That will only pay me USD 200 here (I live in Malaysia) for a 4 day-week (the three-day weekend will be allocated for rest/recharging/writing freelance articles on the side). I plan to do this for two months to fund my Myanmar trip.

    - Tutor English.

    - For extra moolah, do a small pet grooming business.

    Do suggest work that I should do.

    So, to break it up for you, I am looking for work that is:

    - not-too exhausting
    - part-time
    - pays enough to fund my trip.

    All input welcome


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    I've known people in the past who have tutored English to get around Asia, and they didn't even need to speak the local language. I don't have any details, but I'm sure if its sought after it wouldn't be too hard to find agencies / companies who get you work.

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