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    I don't worry about money per se but I keep an eye on things closely. We are paid every other week but alternate weeks so we have money coming in every week. Both 401ks are maxed, my husband will have a pension and we also invest outside of that, IRA's and several other and the bulk of my paychecks go towards investments and retirement. Household budgeting is done with Quicken.
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    Oddly, Im better at it than my INTJ (though he has no qualms doing it when it aint his own funds - like the funds for his company). Perhaps this is an Si vs Se thing?
    I grew up in a family that wasn't that wealthy and with a mother who was...well, a witch with money. She made every dime count 5 times, somehow

    And so, making a budget when I had an allowance was an..almost natural thing. While Im perfectly capable of blowing 5000 dollars in minutes, I'm also capable of not spending *any* money, until I have money available to me again. And I automatically allocate certain amounts to certain areas in my life. It used to be gifts and things I could buy at the mall, nowadays it's food, rent, bills, cats and personal treats. It aint that different, tbh

    My INTJ otoh grew up in a family that had plenty and is so used to having money - also coz he's never had an issue making any, that's more my...problem - that he resents having to make a budget as he feels he should be able to buy what he wants, when he wants, with the exception of really big ticket items - like a house. It's like a matter of pride to him, so he doesn't like looking at his account and allocating stuff. I've suggested more than once to give me his accounts and I'll do the rest for him, for this very reason

    He is not as bad as he once was on this front though as he knows budgeting is on occasion definitely the smart thing to do.

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    I grew up with isxj parents, and my father was always in charge of budget and from a young age i think started instructing me in the concept of money management and savings. I am thankful for that.

    So, I am keenly aware of the amount of money I have coming in, and as far as I'm concerned, it's 'simply' not spending more than I have coming in. To do that, it's a matter of keeping track of everything I spend. I have, since being on my own.

    And from there, it's a matter of determining and knowing priorities. I don't have a 'budget' per se, but I'll flexibly adjust what I spend, or crunch down on savings, depending. I am known for being very frugal in day to day things, but valuing experiences, big trips and such. So I'm both really stingy and very willing to spend on things that matter to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    My solution?
    I give all my money to my wife.
    She is a master of budgeting, so who the hell am I to try and do it? It just doesn't make sense.
    My entire paycheck goes into her account every 2 weeks, and she sends me periodic emails with $ status info.
    Problem solved!
    This is what I do too.

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    We precalculated an estimate for our monthly bills that we shove into an account with autopay set up, and we don't worry about budgeting the rest. Most of the rest is in our separate accounts; we don't dictate what the other spends.

    Though, I formulated a cool lil' chart that keeps up with our bank account totals over time; if it starts to nosedive, we'd know to not spend as much. I keep track of all of our finances, but I've made it a pretty easy task.

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    Quote Originally Posted by five sounds View Post
    I suck at it. I just don't do any kind of budgeting at all, and have a really poor grasp on how much money is coming in and going out. I don't usually stress about it though. I just don't really spend very much money, and when I need to spend a big amount or feel like I've been spending more than usual, I go in and check my bank account to make sure everything's ok.

    My strategy in a nutshell: live simply and try to think about money as little as possible.
    (To the above) My life as a server/bartender. Budgeting was too hard when cash was flowing in on a daily basis.

    But nowadays I actually get paychecks. So basically, I just try and pay all my bills, get my groceries and my gas ON payday. And then I just aim to try and not spend any other money for two weeks until my next payday. That's pretty much my idea of budgeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    My life as a server/bartender.

    Nowadays I actually get paychecks. So basically, I just try and pay all my bills, get my groceries and my gas on payday. And just aim to try and not spend any other money for two weeks until my next payday. That's pretty much my idea of budgeting.
    ooo that's a good idea! i feel like i could actually do that. thanks, girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Iron Giant View Post
    Since my eight year old still refuses to manage the money in my household, I'm stuck with the task.
    How does money feel to you, and what do you do to manage it?
    Unbelievable! None of mine are interested in this task either.

    I like having money more than I like spending it, so I'm pretty good at managing it. I feel what...helpless? if I'm absolutely broke so no matter how little I have coming in, I try to hold on to some of it. I've always got some kind of money stash to fall back on if things get rough(er). I'm not working now b/c of going to school full-time and probably have anywhere from $300-$700/month to play with. I make it work but I'll be really glad when I finish later this summer, get a job, and throw have my roommate to move out.

    I write bills out on my calendar, tag it with an alert 3 days ahead and usually pay it on that day. I put so much aside per week for miscellaneous stuff, and write out a menu complete with a shopping list to control spending at the grocery store. I only have cable/internet, utilities and split that with my roommate.

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    I manage it constantly. I keep fairly simple systems in mind because I'm too busy and lazy to do much else.

    Tax returns go into my IRA, I put set amounts aside into savings each month, I use envelope systems to save money for events, I cash in my pocket change for presents for others, and I allot set amounts of money for various bills and petty cash.
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    Gonna have to start. I want to be able to purchase a property in a year or two.

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