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    I don't ever work overtime but I do find that on some level that the work I am doing is engrossing enough to take my mind off rumination/reflection etc. like nothing else does. Because my work has a purpose or meaning within the context of the company (I do the advertising so I'm playing a large role in keeping the wheels turning) I become content with working away at my tasks in ways being at home cannot match (at home no task seems to be orientated towards "improving" my life) to the point where I would actually experience enthusiasm for certain projects and would be actually willing to work overtime or late to finish it. If my work load was bigger then I could potentially see myself becoming a workaholic. But the task is important, some of the other roles are abhorrent.

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    I probably used to be. I worked 12 - 14 hour days for many years during the week, getting 5 hours of sleep a night. Then I was so exhausted I'd sleep 10 - 12 hours on Friday and Saturday night. It was not unusual for me to work till midnight or 1 am on a regular basis. I did a number of 90 - 100 hour week stretches. I still work hard but try to get a little more balance. Maybe I work 50 - 55 hours a week now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Ü™ View Post
    What is your attitude toward workaholism? Do you think it's a healthy and honorable lifestyle? What goes through your mind when you witness someone who is addicted to their work?
    I appreciate workaholism. I'm there. Blood, sweat, and tears, to do the extraordinary, when everyone said it couldn't be done; frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Get out of my way.

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    ... No

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    I work to live, not live to work.

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    I suppose I could be, and at times, I'd say I am. However, I've found balance in being fully committed to work when I've projects and fully committed to time away when I'm not working. I feel it gives me more quality work and play.
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    I can be. I go through cycles of workoholism and burnout.

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