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    My work and personal emails wind up in the same pool, and I get notifications on the desktop and on the phone. During my "free time," I can choose to leave these emails be, to check the subject line, to read the whole shebang, or even to hammer out a reply (depending on how much thought/time it'd take). It often feels like less of a psychological burden to me than dealing with all of them at once.

    Others operate differently. From their perspective, advances in communication can lead to increased expectations from an employer--and often for the same amount of pay. To the extent that the employee feels that it's unfair and can push back, he should try to do so--either through subtle hints (not replying until the morning) or directly. To the extent that the employee checks his email unnecessarily, he's gotta exercise willpower.

    .. that, or become an hourly consultant..

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    Quote Originally Posted by spirilis View Post
    I thought the idea of having work email on my phone was cool about 4 years ago, but after it didn't work out (bought a BlackBerry expressedly for this purpose but after the employer enabled strong encryption in the BB system, the phone was a nearly-unusable lemon) I must say, I am never having "work" email going to my phone ever. I can check it with my phone via the outlook web interface if I must, but I rarely do and I'm better for it. They can call me if they want. I am "on-call" every other week so that's how they get ahold of me...

    I definitely agree, it's a bad idea to have your work email in a conveniently-accessible location outside of work.
    Yeah I also tried to have my work e-mails automatically forwarded to my "personal" e-mail. Not good, any time I saw a new e-mail on my mobile (while I was out with friends, family, or doing sport etc. without access to my computer) during the weekend I was feeling nervous.

    I still check it every day even when I'm on vacation, but only when I'm at the computer.
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