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Thread: On the fence

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    @Zarathustra, thank you for the clarification. It's really interesting that it reads like I'm more into the counseling, because a pretty significant part of me feels like if I do that, I'll be taking the "easy way out". It'll be less school, less time, less dry academic rigor, less danger, and of course less salary. I feel like doctor is the bar of expectation I've always held myself up to, and I've always been happiest when pursuing the highest level of achievement possible. Natively, yes, I'm drawn more to the realm of psychotherapy, and for that reason I think it feels "easy" to me (not to mention it is probably easier).

    potentially even a route that was intended to impress/gain approval from/prove wrong a certain somebody.
    To impress and gain approval, certainly. Hard to tell if it's a bid to win respect from others or from myself, though. I don't want to let my own ambition down. They say that you should think about years down the road, when you're looking back at your life, and I'm wondering if years down the road I'm not going to be sorry I didn't suck it up and push myself as much as I could. Plus, there's a lot of that 6-appealing security in becoming a physician. The knowledge base, the financial stability, the stable job market.

    I mean ideally I'd just go ahead and get both an MD and a PsyD, but if I do that I might be 50 and homeless before I get around to starting that family.
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