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Thread: Possible Majors

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    Relax. You're 21. It might not seem like it, but you have lots of time.
    I totally identify with your problem though. In college I loved taking a broad spectrum of humanities and social sciences classes, but I never wanted to major in any particular one. They all seemed too specialized. I loved psychology classes, but the idea of doing a psychology undergrad (much less graduate) degree never appealed to me. Psych programs nowadays have abandoned humanistic psychology and its variants, it seems like. They're all about measuring and quantifying people and doing experiments.
    My regret at this point in my life is that I wish I'd taken a theater class in college. I have a full-blown love of theater now, and I wish more than anything I'd taken at least a theater appreciation class back in college. I didn't because I thought it was too scary, and I had untrue stereotypes and assumptions about theater people.
    "All that you've loved is all you own." Tom Waits

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    Just know, too, that a ton of INFPs have so many things they could be interested in. And, most people switch careers a bunch of times anyway. All the things you're considering would be a great base. Finishing and thinking grad school is a great way to deal with uncertainty.

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