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    Default Good grad program for non techie istp?

    I'm probably an istp...but, for some reason, I persist in school. It's honestly because being an airplane mechanic would be cool and all, but I was brainwashed early into thinking that education takes precedent over silly personal whims. Also, ironically, it seems that there would be a whole bunch of theory to learn behind how a plane flies, and I'm not sure I want to dive into it. I want something new.

    Anyway, grad school is coming up...and I'm kind of at a lost as to what I should be looking into. My ba is in nothing specialized, so theoretically all the humanities, most of the social sciences, and some of the hard sciences are still open to me (depends on specific program requirements)....of those three, I'd think the hard sciences are out because honestly I never bought into simple input-system-output type thinking. It's effecient, and accurate, but it isn't, shall I say, all there is....not to mention their ends, technologies, annoy me as well....either that, or knowing just to know? That seems useless...(no disrespect)...

    So, tech is out..or the sciences...which leaves, applications of the humanities, or the soft sciences. I really don't like applying things to humans, the stakes are too high....I would never want to be the guy who conducted the prison experiment, or the shocking because of authority one....that's just, uhh, cold hearted. Besides, we all know humans are cold hearted monsters until they're not. Someone asking me about the best way to go about their lives? Yeah, I wouldn't know. Counseling wouldn't be for me because I'd be like "suck it up or kill's a razor..." (no disrespect, I love feelers...they make me feel stupid...which I need...)

    So that leaves the applications of humanities. Keep in mind it has to be something needs to have a point...

    But you can suggest anything of any field...just not math. Me and math right now are in the middle of an argument....but, something like math, in that it has a point, is interesting...but not in that it'll have it's way with me before leaving me for a better suitor.

    (Don't ask about the anology...)

    I was thinking about 'tax theory' since it could be interesting, could be complex, the applications are relevant to everyone, I'd want to concentrate more on the ethical guidelines...and alternatives...and the numbers...not the actual guy doing the taxes.... etc.

    But, maybe something else?

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    Why are you spending all of that money on grad school to get a degree in a bullshit subject that won't get you a job like humanities?

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    Aw, he only got replies 7 months later.

    @xisnotx, what did you end up deciding?

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