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    I graduated with a degree in journalism and immediately after my classes ended, I got a job at a prestigious news company working as a reporter. I hated it though, and at the same time, had depression, so after 9 months in the news company, I worked on activism projects instead. Stayed at home for a few months after that, recuperating, and got a job at an NGO as a program and communication officer. But past experience creeped up on me and I couldn't handle my depression, so had to leave. Now, a year later, I'm trying to get back into the job market, interning and volunteering, in the hopes that one day I will work abroad and have a better paying job, and go to grad school.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honor View Post
    Majored in the humanities because I was young, didn't have a clue what I was doing, and thought I might want to go to law school. I actually majored in feminist studies, but my interest in a legal career advocating for women burned out as I got to know people in the field. The more time I spent with lawyers, the more I knew I was never meant to be one of them.

    By the time I figured out I wanted to be a doctor much more than anything else, especially a lawyer, I had graduated. (Not the end of the world, I'm 23, and it's fixable at this point.) So, I started a post-bacc to finish up the rest of the pre-med requirements. And that's the point I'm at now. Crossing all of the T's and dotting all of the I's before I apply to medical school.

    Which school did you go to for feminist studies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pseudo View Post
    Did you get a job in your field of study immediately? Did you have to take up part time work before finding a major related job. Did you take a job unrelated to your studies?
    Well...seeing as philosophy is related to everything and nothing simultaneously, I guess my answer is yes?

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