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    If you want a shit ton of money with proportionally little education, don't mind getting your hands dirty, and since you've already drifted into things like data and programming, then I'd so try going back for a BS in Geology.

    Geology majors make 60k-80k+ right out of school working for oil companies analyzing soil samples for potential deposits, and there's about to be a shortage of them. The upper parts of the pay range are 120k-130k, and if you can translate that experience into a merging with the career track of oil company businessmen, you've got some nasty pay scales in your future.

    The only thing they said was that it can be a bit boring when you're actually working, but I'm pretty sure it's a 9-5 job, so it's not like you'd be a slave to it even if it's mind-numbing.

    When I (an English major lol) took Geology it wasn't insanely hard. Maybe in the upper level classes it could be tough. But with you guys rocking test scores, I say go for it.

    It can also be an outdoors-y job, and it's definitely that as a major when you do field studies.
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    Actually am interested in an oil rig job...research I did indicated they could use Medics. You're out in the middle of the gulf, they need a guy with that sort of experience if something goes wrong, they pay well. Of course - I don't know how often things really go wrong. It's not like how it was 50 years ago, I assume getting your hand mangled by a giant falling section of pipe isn't something that happens too often any more, so it might just be sitting around with the fat guys waiting for something to happen.
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    Vetrinary school takes years and years.

    Is police work too similar to paramedic? After all you have the criminal science background. I can see being a detective or forensic scientist. That would be super cool if you don't mind the gory stuff.

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    I have also gone through the paces (25 y/o male ISTP with a penchant for job dissatisfaction) of finding a career and it has paid off, cause I finally found one: welder.

    No way I could have guessed it, though. I got exposed to it mechanic school (mechanics these days is boring and mostly parts replacement, by the way) and was somewhat of a prodigy according to the instructors, that plus I loved it.

    Good luck finding your niche, unfortunately my experience-based advice is that you won't figure it out without actually getting your boots muddy... might take a little extra effort to expose yourself to new careers but it's worth it once you do.

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