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    Default Teaching English Abroad?

    Has anyone done this or heard anything about it?

    I have been trying to figure out how I can travel after I graduate college, and this came up as an option. I've done quite a bit of research but I'd like to hear some frank opinions.

    Most likely I'd go somewhere in Asia. South Korea is an obvious choice. Other options are Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, and so forth.

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    I'm going to do it. I have already received my 120 hour TESOL certification. I would say get a certification (there are various kinds) but really if you have a college degree and are a native speaker (and frankly, if you are white and from the US/Canda/UK/Australia/...maybe you will have an easy time finding work. S. Korea and China pay the best but there are a lot of countries that can host you if you want an experience. Thailand does not pay well but it's Thailand and that is enough of a draw for many. Japan is another popular destination despite its high cost of living. Actually, best paying spots are mid-east but you need teaching credentials or a MA.

    Do you speak any Asian languages? I'd strongly recommend learning the host language before you go.

    There are ESL cafes online you can look at. I would say to get the most out of the experience, avoid other ESL teachers like the plague, learn the language, and immerse yourself in the host country as much as possible. ALso, don't go if you really rely on the income, it is a terrible job and not meant to be a sustainable career unless you have a Masters and/or are a credentialed teacher.
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    I think Brazil is a very receptive country for native speakers English teachers. In case you're interested, I found this video and this blog post:
    The video is interesting, and the blog has very accurate info.
    Money isn't that good, but things here are pretty cheap (excluding cars, gas, eletronics, and imported stuff).

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    I've known scads of people who've done this, mostly in Asia (one in China, one S. Korea, the rest Japan). They all loved it, and several of them met their spouses while overseas. I would have done it, but I had a baby instead.

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    Do people still have experiences teaching English?

    Get a CELTA or Trinity
    Do NOT expect to save.
    Think 2 years max.

    Learning English is a chore for much of the world. And where English is actually part of the national curriculum, the local teachers are by and large better than the visiting foreigners with entry level qualifications. Meaning not that there is no job for you, but that the job you do might not actually be "teaching" in any full and complete sense. The market may have quite a different idea of what you are to them compared to what you are to yourself.

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    Living abroad is definitely fun for a short while. Just right before you do travel, though, you'll start to freak out and think "What the heck did I get myself into?"
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