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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    As for choosing a major, I looked at what was most interesting to me in high school, took related classes as a college freshman, then eliminated some possibilities based on not liking the departments, the required courses, etc. I also visited people with occupations I was considering, enough to realize I did NOT want to have certain jobs. So, process of elimination. At the same time, I had an idea in the back of my head of what I wanted to do; just wanted to be thorough in considering alternatives.
    I agree with this. Sometimes you end up choosing a major you love, but the career options you have are ones you hate. Imagine yourself 5-10 years from now, what career path do you want to be on? Pick your major based on that, but its gotta be something you like too.

    Personally, I majored in microbiology with the intention of getting an MD focusing on pathology. Then I interned at a hospital and realized that it wasn't right for me. So I ended up working on two MS degrees in bioinformatics and computer engineering because I want to work in a start up tech environment. Anyway my point with that choosing a major isn't a final decision in life. If its not right for you, you could always change it, even after you've gotten that piece of paper.

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    Your username suggests that computer science would be a good idea.

    But seriously, I made the mistake of going for what I thought was well-suited to me and promising for careers (Psychology) versus what I am really captivated and motivated by (Political Science), and now I am looking at going back to Poli Sci instead. If you know you really enjoy something, and it holds your interest, I would pursue that. I have heard a quote that says something like figure out what you love to do, and the money will follow. I think this is so true. I don't think you need to worry about computer science not being a stable field because if you're interested in enough to engage in it often, you're going to be constantly learning through doing.

    Also, I doubt computer science will ever become obsolete - only, like every other field, it will be changing. On the upside, every field is currently changing at the speed of technology, so if you're into technology, you're essentially at the forefront of every field!

    Anyway - my opinion is that the only thing that really matter is whether it gets you up in the morning, and hang the rest. But visiting/volunteering at the place is SUCH A GOOD idea. Sometimes careers are so vastly different than their subject matter!
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    As most people said, do something you enjoy and feel you're good at. Not sure if this is good advice or not (lol.), but don't be afraid of going into computer science because you fear you won't be able to keep up. The IT industry finds niches for everyone, or that's what I've observed.

    As for me, I'm an ISTP too. I majored in mathematical statistics, which I really enjoyed. Ended up getting a job as a programmer/ web developer, and I enjoy that a lot as well. Looking back at the few computer science classes I took in school, I think I would have really enjoyed being a computer science major. But really, majoring in math can open a lot of doors, and you can definitely start out in the IT industry too.
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    Do a great books or general humanities major.
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