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    Default Academic vs Vocational training

    My fiancee is going to be studying for her M.A. soon and I'd like to change careers, so I've been looking a lot about different training paths and I'm wonder what other people's thoughts are.

    For her, it's a no brainer to go to college. She has a B.A. already and with a completion of an M.A. she can eventually be doing work billable at $100/hour (this is verified I know because my dad does the same kind of work).

    For me, it's not so simple. We don't have a lot of money and I'm not really a college classroom type of guy. The most interesting class I took in college was programming just because its the most analyze/operate(Ti-Se) you can do without going outside. College would cost a lot and it's pretty much out of the question.

    Barring self-made entrepreneur (not my thing either) that leaves vocational school or the military.

    Between the two, military seems like a no brainer... you get paid while you train so no student loans when you're done, that is pretty hard to beat. If you're married, the monthly income is about $3,000 and up. And you get vocational training. With high exposure across a breadth of possible occupational encounters. By the time you're at "entry level" you've already got 4 years of experience, after 4 years at college you got zip. Oh, plus you can go to college too and they pay for that. There's probably something else I'm forgetting here like they give you a Ferrari or something. Anyways...

    Vocational school on the other hand is very expensive... more, even, than college plus the cost of tools. Is this as simple a decision as I think it is?

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    If you get in an apprenticeship program you don't have to pay. You get paid while you. Learn on the job however you come out with no degree.
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