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Thread: Sales Advice!

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    brandish your product as a weapon should they refuse to buy it.

    "either way, this steak knife is yours".

    Seriously though, I'd imagine it's all about giving people a false binary to choose from. Stuff like "do you like the kitchen set or the set of steak knives". Whatever the answer is, you're closer to making a sale.

    It really pisses me off when someone tries to use this on me. I'm usually like "would you like me to tell you 'no' now or later?".

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    God damn I am ao glad there are other people in sales here! My problem can be that I get frustrated with the rejection and then "shut down" and miss viable opportunities.. any advice?! Also lol how do you get them laughing when you don't feel like laughing . Any mood boosters you do before meeting with a client?

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