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    Default Job Corps

    Does anyone have any experience with Job Corps? I'm trying to convince my 21-year-old cousin (currently living with us) to enroll to get her GED and some career training.

    She seems amenable to the idea. She really wants to finish high school. The only thing I think might prevent her from enrolling is that she has a boyfriend right now, and it sounds like Job Corps is pretty strict about staying on campus during the week, so she wouldn't be able to see him all the time. I think that's fine because they've only known each other for a few weeks, but she might not see it that way. If she lived with us, still, she could see him more, but I'd really rather she live on campus...
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    I have no experience with Job Corps. But I decided to do a quick online search of my local Job Corps.

    Sad to say, I'd wished I knew about it when I got out of high school. It is free technical/trade/skill training, free housing, free dental and etc while you are there.

    I think for her, it'll be a very good idea that she gets her GED, especially with such a program that is making it easy for her to get her GED (even at a community college... a GED and 2 year courses cost money... which this program offers for free.) I mean, a GED at minimum would open a lot of doors for her and her boyfriend.

    From what I am reading, any transportation outside the designated time Job Corps. will help with transportation is left to the person to pay. Being visited by "family" at the center is ok, have to contact the center in advance though (which could be a problem with her boyfriend and her.)

    During her training, she gets paid (and it increases as she becomes more skilled) and this is on top of the "free" stuff.

    I think the reason why it seems so strict is because Job Corps. want the person to not have any distractions while training (like I am with my nifty tower even though I need it for my schoolwork.) Some of the careers also require a "simulated" training. In cases like construction and automotive, you can't just walk out on the job can you (or rather... that is pretty much most, if not all, jobs?)

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