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Thread: Value of MBA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valis View Post
    I study at a local University for reasons of convenience. It hasn't got a great reputation but we get good support my employers fund it so I can't complain.

    The subject of management studies is one that I find fascinating in that it incorporates many subject areas including psychology, HR, finance, economics etc. However, the assessment is rather subjective and I feel that some of the staff seek to legitimize themselves and the topics they teach by being quite strict with the marking. It doesn't really matter to me in that the overall grade is irrelevant, all that matters is the qualification being passed, but I do prefer the objectivity and clairity of science and technical subjects where there are more clearly right and wrong answers. I'm obviously not a post-modernist
    Agreed except on one point: grades I think matter for certain bigger employers.

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    True, but I've already achieved a distinction in one masters, I feel I don't have much to prove now

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