Well, I'm thinking of going back to school, and I took a career assessment test at my local community college and scored highest on personality match for these areas.

"Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics",
"Health Science",
"Government and Public Administration",
"Information Technology" and
"Human Services"
(in that order).

My absolutely essential criteria is being able to provide a comfortable living (with job stability) for myself and a significant other while living in a small college town, so that really limits what things are actually practical to study from an employment perspective.

I would like a career where I can feel like I'm helping others in some way (either by discovering things that benefit society or by helping people directly on a one on one basis). Intellectual stimulation and the chance to experiment and try new ideas is also very appealing to me.

I find the social sciences as well as Physics and Chemistry very appealing, but I just don't think there is a lot of employment potential without going to a Master's degree or higher and even then you either need to re-locate, go into teaching, be an entrepreneur or be dependent on grants.

I've considered Electronics or Electrical Engineering because one of the larger employers in the region is an engineering lab, and it seems like interesting subject matter, but I'm also red-green color blind, so I think that would give me a lot of problems for either of those.

I've considered Computer Science, and it does seem like something I might enjoy, and the high probability of geeky co-workers is a very nice bonus, but the amount of graduates from the program compared to jobs available is a pretty big strike against it (I know a lot of them will gladly re-locate to Seattle, Redmond or Portland, but I don't have numbers to tell me how many of them would also not want to re-locate).

I've looked into various medical fields including Biomedical Technology, Neurology, Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Radiological Technologist or the Ultrasound equivalent . I would have the sense of helping people and that is a good thing, and the pay, job demand and stability are major points in favor of the medical field, but at least some of those probably require a degree higher than I'm wanting to look into at the moment, and I have a concerns over the long term job satisfaction of anything where I'm not working with geeky co-workers, so I'd like to hear from any introverted intuitives working in any aspect of the medical field (what occupation and what do you like and dislike most about your jobs). I'm especially interested in stuff that combines medicine and science in more of a research environment, but I don't think that would have many job opportunities where I want to live.

I had not even considered government and administration until the results showed up on my test, but I'm having a hard time seeing anything in there that compels further study...

If anyone has any comments on these or has suggestions of things I might be able to study (preferably with a Bachelor's degree or less) and make a decent living in a small town, I'd appreciate any feedback.