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    So what? So what? what? Hmm. Can't see it working for me. I suppose I'm naturally too "meh" to need to reduce he stress.

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    The beauty of Canada's post-secondary education system is that we are done exams by mid to the end of April (depending on the school). The downside of this is that today is April 15th and it's exam time right now.

    I've already written 4, just got home from writing one, but this 5th one (3rd year chemistry) is going to kick my ass. And of course, because it's last, I didn't manage my time properly enough to study before hand.

    T-minus 49 hours 5 minutes.
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    Exams.. free points! Study hard and reap thine rewards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    EDIT:Nevermind, I just realized "proximity" to finals would mean lower numbers are closer.
    Ah! Good point. I was confused about that too.

    When I was in college, I found the worse thing for me to do in the last couple hours before a final was cram. I'd always kick back and play a videogame or something right up to the minute I had to walk out the door. I did better that way.

    In a psych class I had, we learned about some research that showed people recall information better if their mind is in the same state it was in while learning it. For example, if they were high on marijuana while learning some information, they could actually recall it better if they were high than if they weren't.

    Last day of class before the final, the professor told everyone, "Now don't stay up all night cramming. You don't want to come here and sleep through the final." So of course I raised my hand, and said, "But don't we recall things more effectively if we're in the same state we were in while learning them?"
    I'm not a procrastinator. I'm a long-term planner.

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