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    I'm not amazingly successful. But I've come a long way when the deck was stacked against me. All the while I thought of myself as a self-made man. I think that at the time It was important for me to believe that nobody else had any hand in my success. Especially when those people were also responsible for my roadblocks. The truth is, people usually can't get far without help from others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redcheerio View Post
    Wow, that's really inspiring, @shortnsweet!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Can you tell us a bit about how you got it started? Pretend you're talking to someone much younger than you who wants to do something similar, but has no idea where to get started or what to do or what questions to ask or who to ask.
    No, I can't really. I would just have to tell them how to not have anything- then they would just have to figure the rest out for themselves. Having a child, teen, and early adulthood like that just ingrained it in me without my choice or awareness. I can't transfer all my memories to people. My favorite thing to say in highschool- "I won't be poor because I refuse to be poor." And I don't even like money that much, but the further I move towards wealth feels to me like the further I move away from hunger, cold dark houses, empty gas tanks, and church donated clothes.

    Downfall is not having a clue how to handle money on a macro-level the way wealthy people can or having trust to rely on networks- both seem to be key elements in REALLY making it big.
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    There are myriads of ways to become rich through your own business.

    Most of the people I know who've done that are either running their own web/technology related business or have done a lot of trading.

    There are many people I know who haven't made it big, but nevertheless sustain themselves without relying on big corporations, schools, the government, or other institutions for their pay.

    Some include:
    A self-employed individual doing electronics and software projects
    A self-employed chess instructor
    A restaurateur
    A realtor
    A broker
    A salesperson in one of those MLM schemes (not sure I recommend this route, unless you want to alienate your friends)

    I have also heard of people being:
    A self-employed handi-person (electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.)

    I have a great deal of admiration for these people. I have never had the guts to go all-in on something non-traditional. But I have tried a bunch of home-based businesses (they all failed due to lack of effort/time).

    There are a whole boat-load of business schemes out there (keep in mind there is a high failure rate, but people still try, and some succeed). I have tried some, and so have others I know:
    selling accessories at stands in a mall (cell-phone accessories, jewelry, novelty items, etc.)
    Food carts
    cash-flow businesses
    MLM schemes (Avon, Amway, Pre-paid Legal, etc.)
    whole-sale drop-shiping
    Buying and selling stuff online for a profit
    Tutoring Services
    long-distance hauling
    writing services

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