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    Default Careers for the Different Functions

    What are some career examples that are especially centered around particular functions?

    For example, a job that heavily uses Ti skills or where strong Ti thinking ability is especially beneficial might be a field of Engineering, a Te-based job would obviously be something involving Organization/Management, etc. (The less vague the better, i.e. "Organization/Management" for Te would be a sucky answer while "Organizing/Managing people" or "Accounting-related fields" are good.)

    I know there's a lot of content about careers for the individual types listed on numerous sites, but I've never seen that same treatment of the MBTI applied to the function level.

    (My specific interest in creating this thread is to get answers about Te careers, but I decided to broaden the scope as it would prove more interesting to everyone and I think it's an interesting topic. So, if you would, please take into consideration that there is important purpose behind creating this thread to me.)

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    Te Careers: Anything that requires problem/resolution.

    Ti Careers: Anything that requires in depth, accurate, and detailed analysis.

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