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Thread: Jobs and Memory

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    I don't stress the details, they'll fill themselves in. They always do. Mostly I just make sure I learn the basic framework, and know where to find the answers when the questions come up: people, binders full of rules, notes etc. I expect to be slow and make some mistakes at the beginning. It works out.

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    Ugh. Haha. It's such a problem, so now I've gotten into the habit of writing down everything my employers say I need to do, word for word, or else I will fuck it up somehow.

    But I usually get the hang of things by the end of the second week, and I can throw all of my silly notes away. I think it's mostly because it's a lot of information that I can't readily connect with anything else I've experienced (these jobs aren't exactly my forte), so it's difficult to arrange in my mental schema. Like I said, though, it doesn't take long for that information to build a nest and find a place to call home inside my brain.

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