I've just finished my first year in law school here in Ireland, and my grades were much better than I was expecting. I really enjoy studying law and I'm thinking of emigrating to the US or maybe Canada after I graduate (in 2014) to get a masters degree, and hopefully practice as an attorney. With my degree I'll be eligible to sit the bar exams in New York and California, but it's quite difficult to find first-hand information on any of this stuff! So I guess what I'm asking is:

  1. Is anybody here in law school in either the US or Canada? If so, what university are you studying in and would you recommend it? Would it be a major advantage to try and get into an LL.M program in Harvard or Yale, or does it really matter where you study?
  2. Does anybody practice law in the US or Canada? What have your experiences been like, what kind of work do you specialise in and do you enjoy your job?

And of course, a general discussion of legal education etc would be very welcome!