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    Quote Originally Posted by dala View Post
    What you are considering is what I like to call a career-limiting move. Tell your manager that you can do the same job in less time and want to work less, and they see someone who is lazy (doesn't want to bother coming to work like everyone else) and attempting to one-up them (it's the manager's job to assign tasks efficiently). If your manager sees the sense in letting someone else cover your job one day a week, they might just come to the conclusion that someone else can do it five days a week. Beyond that, you are almost certain to annoy your coworkers, since they might end up doing your work one day a week, or people may start asking why they're not working harder. Pursue this course, and you may just talk yourself out of any promotions, or even your job.

    Not every manager thinks this way, and if you have a good rapport with your manager it just might work. However, by your description of her as a 'dragon lady,' I doubt this is the case. If I were you I would just get all my work done quickly and efficiently, and then spend a couple work hours a day 'working' on whatever you want.
    Any manager responding in the bolded part way needs to get the sack, in my opinion. But you're right in that there are definately people managing in companies that are capable of such dumb atrocities.
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    Thanks for the comments all, I've got some food for thought!
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