At one point in time I was going to become a nurse and excelled when I did the coursework but ultimately I decided against it. Instead I decided to become an accountant, specifically a CPA.

My very personal reasons for choosing accounting:
-The pay scale is the same (including salary caps before having to get more education)
- Job opportunities and the ability to relocate anywhere in the U.S. are abundant in both fields. They are both also respectable professions.
- Accting is an office job and doing it day-in and day-out for several decades would be easier on my body.
- I want a Monday-Friday 8-5 job. Not interested in working weekends, nights or holidays.
- I may want to open my own CPA firm once I get tired of working for other people (this would likely include a substantial salary increase if successful). I could also do taxes or bookkeeping out of my home if a future situation ever called for that.
-Working with numbers may be a bit boring but it would not have the depressing effect on me like being around sick/ailing people everyday would, not to mention less health risks.
-I like people a lot but I am still an introvert.

Anyways, like I said these are very personal reasons and anyone in accounting will have to pay attention to detail, recall things, and engage in monotonous work. I think most all traditional professions probably have a bit of this though, including nursing. Burn out is a common feeling in all fields. I think it's important to consider that and how you'd be prepared to take "the next step" once that happens.