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    I haven't looked at the literature for over a year because I have not had to write a lit review in that subject area for awhile so you do bring up a great point. I should read up on the literature again. I was reading a lot of David Buss.

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    So I decided not to go to grad school right away, I might pursue criminal psychology. What makes people "crack" has always fascinated me.

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    Unless you are planning a career in academia I don't think you should focus so much on finding the subject area that interests you most. Outside of academia it's more important to choose a degree that prepares you for the kind of job you want to have. You will spend at most 4-5 years studying, and probably 40 or more working, so imagine your ideal work environment and choose a program of study based on your ultimate goal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glycerine View Post
    So I decided not to go to grad school right away
    i don't see your op anymore, but i like what
    you've said above. i think it's a great idea to
    wait for awhile before doing your masters
    especially if you're still unsure of exactly
    what it is you want to get out of it.

    it's great to have a specific area that you're
    great at, but the ability to stretch your talents
    into other areas in a highly collaborative way--i
    think that's what most school leavers/people have
    trouble with.

    if anything, consider developing a depth of expertise
    in a specific area before moving onto the next. that's
    wholly different that the 'i'm a mix of everything'. in
    that way you have specific, easy to grasp,
    depth-of-craft skills.

    true hybrid talent has more than one depth of expertise.
    and that's exceptionally hard and a very rare breed.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
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    Great advice. Thank you. I was looking through GRE and grad school books and the one of the important things that I seem to be missing was enthusiasm and passion for something.

    @storybrook: the reason why I was leaning towards the criminal psych was because I have a famial connection in the government so I would have a possibility to apply it outside academia. However, diversification sounds like the best idea.

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