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    Ruler of the world. There'd be no litter; I'd fix all the messed up roads in Ice Road Truckers. The world would run on cheap and safe nuclear power. World poverty and war would be history. No more traffic jams. Obesity, high blood pressure, waterborne diseases, malaria, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer would be solved because I'd allocate resources towards fixing the most important issues. Everyone would be educated and smiling would be mandatory before 9:00 am. Also, we'd spend a trillion dollars making the most awesome movie ever and no one would complain because it'd be that good.
    I thought Dungeon Master was a jerk for talking in riddles all the time. That's probably why Venger went to the dark side.

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    *Professional Athlete
    *Medicinal Professional
    *Military General
    *Car Designer (Just the aesthetics...)
    *Barbershop Owner
    *Professional Hunter
    *Scientific Researcher/Developer

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