I'm an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructor at the college/university level, and I also have a freelance business where I teach professionals at companies.

To gain a better grasp of how certain personality preferences lead to certain preferences in learning styles, I'd like to conduct a bit of a survey. Of course, many of you are native speakers, so just substitute 'English' for any other foreign language of your choice. So if you decide to do it, I'd like to know what you really think. Feel free to modify the questions or add questions you think are relevant.

Imagine you could create your very own personalized learning environment (within reason, of course). It would be great if you would help me out a bit by providing answers to the following questions:

1. What are your thoughts/feelings regarding the learning process in general? Why do you have those ideas/sentiments?

2. What factors impact your learning process in class and at home?

3. What kinds of methods work best for you in class?

4. What is your ideal instructor like?

5. If you don't like learning languages, how could someone make the subject more interesting for you? Alternatively, if you like learning languages, how could someone fan the flames a bit?

6. How much structure would you need, and how would you like that to be given?

7. What kinds of topics would interest you in class for discussions?

8. Do you like having a lot of homework to practice at home, assuming you could choose which one(s) you did?

9. Which skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking, cultural competence, soft skills, tasks) would you like learning in class, and which would you prefer practicing at home?

10. What would the ideal atmosphere for learning be like?

Thanks! ***hugs*** for people who take the time out to give a bit of feedback