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Thread: Job Interviews

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    Remember to remember to prepare somewhat.
    Ask for a name (then send the prick a letter).
    Try not to mention the fact that you're unsure about showing up for work on time.
    Maintain eye contact (especially when they're looking for yours; don't get caught).
    Really don't want to get too wordy or dish out stuff they don't need to hear.
    Mirror their body language, but give yourself 2-3 seconds of lag.
    Above all (hard as it may seem), try not to insult or mock them, their occupation, or intelligence.
    Punch yourself in the head everytime you feel compelled.

    thinking of you

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    I've found doing some recon work can help out miles too. If you're unsure how to dress or office environment stopping my the place and asking to use the bathroom will get you in to poke around just make up something believable! Or just find an excuse to pop in early like to drop something off in person? A resume perhaps instead of faxing/e-mailing it. I would go with the second option if its a not so public place since its the least likely to make you look crazy.

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