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    I like my job and make a livable salary from it.

    But it doesn't challenge me enough and can irritate me greatly some days. I can't complain, though. My boss is pretty cool and is open to me saying whatever I think he's doing wrong. My other boss drives me crazy sometimes, but I'm learning to just accept that she is who she is and there's not much I can do about that.

    Anyway, yeah, for a boring, transition-into-university job it's good. The people are interesting and fun and I work in a aesthetically pleasing environment.

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    I like my job, and think it'll be easily doable for another year or two, at least. [i.e. before I become too bored with it and am needing something new/different, or added responsibilities and challenges] And it's definitely a livable salary.

    I am a Product/Project Analyst, working with Project Managers to do the business testing/coordination/analysis/test-plan-development for IT-related system deployments, in the financial industry.
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