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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimchitasi View Post
    For instance, a PHD in philosophy only qualifies you to be a professor. A PHD in literature is no different.
    So what? A PhD is a research apprenticeship. The skills are suited for specialisation, but how is this any different, to an apprenticeship in carpentry? A trade diploma in carpentry only qualifies you to be a carpenter.

    Maybe some people actually LIKE doing research and wish to become professors (or industry equivalent) in their chosen fields?

    Quote Originally Posted by OmarFW View Post
    If you need to take out bank loans to do so, no you should not ever go to any grad school or university.
    Given that scholarships are available in most countries, I'd have to agree..

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    I actually MISS school... I miss getting to research things, I miss writing papers... I even really miss playing with numbers and being surrounded by people who think that learning stuff is a lot of fun. I'd always planned on studying more Sociology because it's always seemed so easy to understand and INTERESTING- it involves people!
    The grind of life will always get you, sooner or later. It's a matter of managing its impact, and spending a couple years in grad school is not going to solve the problem.

    However it does sound like you might be seeking a career that allows you to learn on an ongoing basis. You are probably not advanced enough in your career to get the mental stimulation that you need (a lot of entry level jobs are just boring), or you are in the wrong field. If you like looking at numbers and analyzing behavior and learning new things, maybe you'd be happy as a researcher or academic, in which case a graduate degree is the only way to go.

    But don't go just to avoid life. You will have to learn how to structure your life so it doesn't bore you, and grad school is not going to teach you that.
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    DO IT!! I will be doing the same.

    I presume you will be doing an advanced degree in sociology or journalism?

    Even a short respite from the grind is worth it in my opinion, just don't build a mountain of debt to do it.

    But like many people have said, it is better if you have some plan in mind after grad school.

    I am fine with being an academic researcher the rest of my life, and it seems like you are too. If that's the case, go for it.

    Making decisions based on fear, uncertainty, and doubt instead of courage, calculation, and heart will lead to misery in the long run.

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