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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    Presuming a student is actually interested in the first place...

    A visual learner is likely to sit near the front, the important thing is that they can get an uninterrupted view of the people talking and any visual cues being used.

    An auditory learner is likely to sit in the middle-ish, or near a speaker if they are being used, what matters most is that they can hear everything without interruptions.

    A kinesthetic learner is likely to sit near the back/door so they can leave quietly when they get bored and/or play with rubberbands without getting in trouble.
    Ha! Yea, kinesthetic learner here. I learn by reading the material and rewriting it, or repeating it out loud. I comprehend the material by making a video in my head about how the material fits together. (Visuals in books help with the video. Labs help. Hands on learning/ clinicals help.) No lecture needed, except to answer questions where somehow there was a video fail in my head, (there is some sort of a disconnect in the material, and the video I've created in my head doesn't make sense.) I sit all over the place in class. I don't really have a preference. I hate class. I've always been an A/B student.

    Edit: I noticed that people like to obsessively sit in the same seat all the time. I hate getting stuck in the same seat because people don't like to move around. I find it more exciting to move around and sit near different people. It makes the treachery of having to go to lecture much better.
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    I try to sit in a different seat until I find one that's comfortable. Normally front-middle on the right. But that doesn't always last, and sometimes I get bored being stuck in the same seat, so I'll switch it up from time to time. Just to get the other kids to change up their routine a little.

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    I have very poor eyesight so I sit in the front where I have the best view of the chalkboard/projector screen. If I had my choice though, I would sit in the back. I learn by repetitive reading and note-taking.
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