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    I didn't particularly like homework (I don't know who does) but I always kept this in mind when I was finishing my degree. No one else decides my grade but me. I don't accept less than an A so what do I have to do to make that happen? Homework? Done.
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    Depends on the homework. I always get it done, but I'm biased toward stuff that I actually know how to do without having to do the reading, or that I find halfway interesting. Luckily, the latter comes when I have the freedom to choose my own courses.

    I do appreciate it when instructors actually structure their courses such that homework isn't the end in and of itself, but rather a stepping stone toward learning the material.

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    Why haven't you dropped this course yet?!
    Haha, yeah, working with a bunch of professors, this question comes up a lot with them. When you're still failing a course one day before the drop date.. ... you should probably drop.

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    i hate homework. prefer coursework.
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