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    Quote Originally Posted by Patches View Post
    And frankly, I feel like shit when I have nothing to do for weeks (or even days) at a time.
    I really can't understand this perspective at all; I appreciate the evolutionary purpose and utilitarian benifit of such a mindset, but for me having nothing to do is pure Heaven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    It shall not, I dont think life can b e really fun if you have no work. The idea is to help those who are working insane hours get paied nothing and just have to do it to survive because they have a bad qualification or are foreigners. In Germany you especially find foreigners in jobs that sucks because our administration doesnt accept education you didnt take in Germany. I know a girl from Turkey who moved to the side of her family living in Germany to escape religious prosecution and she has a University degree in engineering. Yet she has to work three jobs here, of which none has to do with engineering cause her University degree isnt accepted here. She earns like half of what I earn and I work parttime :/.

    Another example would be single mothers with childs, or Dads. Working besides raising kids is equally hard for them.

    We have already a similiar institution in Germany which pays you child money. So when you have a kid you get paied money for some period of time. You always get a little less but you get paied until the kids are 21 I think is the actual law. You can receive up to 300 Euro at the start I think and later you get around 150 Euro.

    This sounds rather stupid from a Keysean standpoint but I think our future could come to a point where money hasnt have the same meaning like it has today. Of course the problem would be by giving everyone $1000 per month, the worth of money would probably drop aswell, so it aint that easy at all. Still I think that ideas like child money or basic security are first steps in a money-independant society, which doesnt mean that we wont work in the future no more.

    In some countries things like that are even getting real importance: in Europe for example the child birth ratio is so low that our society is aging too fast and that it does eventually die out. If people are like today so invbolved with caring to earn money, there will be less people who rather found a family with many kids. Most people do just from economical standpoints have only one kid or none at all to be able to survive and I think it cant go on like that.

    Regarding political views you are of course talking to a socialist
    Heard it is especially hard to gain citizenship in Germany. Almost to the point that, if you don't have a family member who is already a citizen in Germany, tough luck getting in.

    I like Germany's system though. From what I've learned, the government actually does its best to give everyone a decent living. A small butcher shop can survive next to a giant shopping mall. Pretty much learn a trade and you'll be living just as fine as someone who wants to be payed more.

    I believe students also get payed for attending college?

    It pretty much takes out the need to fight for every little piece of money that you can.

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    Work is good. 8 hours a day is a third of your week days. Another third is sleeping and another third is whatever you want. Then you have weekends. Spending time doing something that is not directly in your sphere of needs is good. I believe being given the responsibility to do work in exchange for money is a great thing. It's much better than school where you are always worrying about grades and you feel disappointed in your assignments because you believe it should benefit you. At least with work you can show up, do a good job, and go home and do whatever it is you care about, instead of worrying about stupid crap all the time. I know people who dropped out of school to work and they're very happy with their decision.

    I can't wait until I can just work, and then go home and do what I love. I loved having a job in the summer, it was much more engaging than school. I enjoyed figuring out how to become better at my job and become more efficient. I did not enjoy getting up early, but it was worth it. I can't wait to work again.

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