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    Domestication of CATS!!!

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    Satine, have you considered some sociological topic? You're quite good at pegging people.

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    Here's what I'd read about: Anything about explaining why we are who we are (or were the way we were). That could be psychology, neurology, history, sociology, political science, even music and culture. But since I'm kind of a jack-of-all trades too (hooray for geeky Ne! ), that's really the only common theme in my interests. Unless you include random cool things. I love those!!!

    So speaking of that type of thing (e.g. Qre:us and whatever's ideas), I was just reading an article about pepperoni. It's really, really interesting! And totally not Italian. Maybe you could write about food that people in America think is foreign, but was actually created by foreigners FOR Americans. (this would also include nachos.)
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    I would look first for uniqueness -- what is something that you could write convincingly about but most people couldn't? Then, if necessary broaden it into a topic you could work with for awhile, if that is the possibility. It often makes a good article with general appeal if you can take something that seems esoteric, off the wall, out in left field, and ultimately relate it to something most people understand or are familiar with. This broadens their horizons, but in an entertaining and non-threatening way. (Sorry this is so vague, but without more to work with, I can only offer possible yardsticks you can use to evaluate options.)

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