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    Credentials are a way of proving yourself to people who don't really know jack about you. Once people really know what you are capable of then credentials don't matter as much.
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    Credentials and degrees are important because they are a standardized and officially recognized way of measuring knowledge and competence. They provide a certain guarantee as to the level to be expected, and control access to certain professions.

    Experience without credentials is an unstandardized way of measuring competence. There is no guarantee that there is a superior level of competence in a more experienced person than in a less experienced person (i.e. you may have worked for 10 years in a certain field, but spent half the time at the coffee machine, you worked with outdated methods, etc.).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    We are lucky to live in a capitalist economy and so credentials are knowledge capital.

    plus once you have work experience in the field your degree is in, the less and less important the piece of paper with your grades on it is. Credentials change over time.

    There's a bank here in denmark that uses tests in a very particular way when it comes to credentials/skills. They test people to see if what they are doing in the company is to their potential. So according to how you score you might go from working with bonds, stock and so on to working in wage administration or you could possibly reverse it. Its a way to find the real talent instead of just getting people that have the right degrees.

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