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Thread: Is this right?

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    Default Is this right?

    I have a coworker that smokes. She works in a department with two other smokers. However, she is being singled out by her boss as a problem because she comes in and smells of smoke all the time. Now, I can smell the smoke on her, but not near as bad as this other woman in her department. I can stand to be in her office, but cannot stand to even get near her coworker's door because it smells so bad. Yet, he only complains to her. It's pretty well known that he wants to get rid of her for whatever reason. So he constantly comes at her with random BS to upset her.

    I live in an area that is doing everything in their power to try and keep people from smoking. Want to go to a restaurant here? Don't expect to be able to take your cigarettes in and smoke there. It's all non-smoking. Want to go outside and smoke on a break...better make sure you are 50 ft from any entrance. Seriously, that's a city ordinance now, you must be 50 ft from any public building to smoke.

    I am not a smoker, but don't have a problem with people who do smoke. I tend to just keep my distance if they decide to light up, mainly because it really flares up my allergy problems. Anyway, is it right for her boss to harass her about the smell of smoke since smoking isn't illegal? I mean, I've nearly croaked at the scent of some people's perfume... Does that mean their bosses should be able to raise hell and claim they have to stop wearing perfume?

    Meh, I'm all over the place with this post because I can't focus, sorry!

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    I don't think it's right for smokers or perfume users to assault others with their smoke/stench, no. In moderation it's not as bad, but still not so great.

    Here there are a lot of smoking bylaws too and most workplaces encourage little/no perfumed products, though few outright ban them. I don't think the right to smoke/perfume yourself is a higher priority than the right to a safe environment. It's hard to "keep your distance" when smoke is filling the restaurant, the bar, or the entrance to a public building you need access to.
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    Oh wow, sounds almost exactly like Ohio. But they don't try to enforce it as much here. I am a smoker, and I and other people can stand by the college entrance and smoke when there are "no smoking" signs everywhere.

    Btw, I work in a place that does that, they went to give people hell for doing something, but if they like another employee better that doesn't the same thing, they don't get near as much hell about it. I think it's really common in far as the smoking goes, the employer can't really do anything to them if they are obeying the rules of smoking outside and 50 ft away...although they do have that fire and hire at will thing, so I guess someone could fire you for smelling funny. Do I think it's right? no, but the law is screwed up anyway.

    And no it isn't right for the employer to act that way with one and not the other. But as I said you'll have that and the only way to stop it is to bring the issue to the table, whether that gets them fired or not, I don't know, but if they think it's worth risking it...
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