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    I don't know. I personally work as a freelance translator, basically almost exclusively via internet medium. As much as it's true that whenever I work, I spend a huge amount of my time staring at a computer screen, it's also a kind of job which gives me enough flexibility to attend my master's lectures, go out with my friends / girlfriend at night, and practice cycling at relatively high levels. So, I suppose I willingly trade a certain enjoyment which would be derived from a job with a human-interaction component, with a large amount of additional freedom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    Reframing perspective is great and all. (Ni aux here). However, at a certain point we have to deal withe reality either because if it's real effects on our emotions or on us physically. So what is a real solution, one that isn't just reframing?
    Buggered if I know. I'm still trying to figure it out.

    However some thoughts are its about a perspective shift in the way we do things as a society and instead of going with what is life draining you create your niche and from that niche experience a more liberal sense of freedom from that which binds. In other words its a matter of changing ones attitude, demeanor and approach to situational challenges like this and taking a different approach. Rather than seeing the negatives see the positives and learn from them in desiring the manifestation of what you do want.

    When we expect or want and become disappointed in many ways that is a reflection of our energies and those energies are what we send out and like any frequency are going to be fulfilled eventually whether positive or negative, the signals are the same. The emotions and thoughts come back in kind like a boomerang. And so when your ability to see through the negative energy is reappraised to a more positive frame of mind then the intentions change, as the intentions change so too would the options increase. Its about the setting up of your intentions that have manifested into the energy that is current be they negative or positive. In other words what is lucky or hard work or lack of hard work to get to where you think you are or feel you are is created from thoughts. And these thoughts are what you work towards.

    Through action and changing thoughts and emotions we start creating clearer thoughts and emotions that respond to more options. When clouded then less options present themselves. This is true for stressed, anxious and depressed people. They cave into a more singular, black and white way of thinking right than seeing a way out. I've been there, ha, I still am a bit. If you can be the bird up in the sky looking at your situation or anyone's your perspective would totally change because you'd be able to see more. And figure out what to do.

    haha but then I'm hardly living the manifestation of my intentions.

    and nope, that was a whishy washy none real solution.

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    Sounds like 'another luddite rant' (tm)

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