Hi, I'm an ISFJ. (lol)

I'm not sure if this is a common place to introduce yourself on this forum, but I mainly stumbled upon it while seeking advice. I've read various profiles and career possibilities for my type, and although most/some do interest me, I can't simply pick and choose. This is probably because I have a wide-range of interests, some interests which apply well to work, and other interests that change every so often. One month I'm interested in a certain hobby, and the next month it's something else; I'm worse than a Gemini. Sometimes I feel like I barely know myself or my interests, at all. I'm also not very wary of what careers are out there, which makes it even harder to find a career path. I think the thought of choosing the wrong path is more worrisome than anything.

I'll be starting college this fall semester, and plan to follow the general/liberal arts suit. Liberal arts is not a major I attend on keeping for long, as although I do want a degree that is most well-rounded for various career opportunities, I want a more designated career-path that will lead to be, what I'll consider, successful.

My best interests in classes are social sciences and history, although I don't have too much experience with Psychology and Humanities. I've always had interest in IT/computers as my own hobby at home, but the competitiveness itself holds me back from wanting to pursue it. I've also considered, for quite a long time, journalism and doing editorials, but I don't think it would be a solid career for someone in my situation.

Any of you who feel/have felt similar in this way, and have advice? I would greatly appreciate feedback; thanks.