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    People who are recognized get hired. If the boss knows your mum, then you're in luck. If you're not connected in any way imaginable, odds are, you're out of luck. I know a guy that was hired simply because the boss was reminded of himself, and I've seen my fair share of people who probably never deserved a job but have one because they are the child of x boss. F^^kers...

    The only times I've been able to get a job are when these conditions are met. If you want to get a small job, social networking is vital.
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    I'm not moving... we just bought a house! I came up with an idea that would work quite excellently right where I am to fill an empty gap in the needs of the community in which I live!

    and churches! what an excellent idea! There's more space in most of those and quite a few have nice AV equipment... and I happen to know the lady who does all the coordinating for one of the local churches that just got its own space a year or go from when I worked in the hotel. I was the only desk person who spoke Spanish and I always got her a discount on the space and made sure there was enough coffee for the congregation... I'll have to get ahold of her!

    I actually have most of the materials I'd need from various classes and teaching jobs I've had in the past, I'd just have to type them out and print them off.... now I"d just have to figure out what to charge...

    sadly, I have to network through people I've helped in past jobs, because my family doesn't do anything related to anything I know
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    I think this is an AWESOME idea whatever, and I imagine you'd be really good at it.
    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    and yeah... I'm hoping if I get a few people I can do something sneaky, like offer them a discount for each additional person they bring
    Heh heh heh. That's actually a great idea.

    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synarch View Post
    The easiest way to find a job is to open yourself to the idea of moving. By casting your net wider, you're more likely to turn up opportunities. Also, economic opportunities differ greatly from place to place. Some places specialize in certain industries and have different living standards, etc. The worst thing you can do is limit yourself to one geographic locality.
    Most excellent advice, especially in economic times as screwed up as the present.
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    like I said... we just bought a house and the man's job is here... we can't move and I'm not leaving!

    and like I also said- I found an opportunity HERE!

    and thanks gromit!
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    There's a niche available that I could partially fill... except I don't even know where to start with that The man told me to put an add on craigslist and put up some adds in the hispanic grociery stores and such... but I don't even have a clue how to get started on all of this!

    Anyone have any suggestions, by any chance?
    In the past, have you always worked for someone else? You might benefit from reading up on freelancing. You'd be working as a sole proprietorship doing business under your own name (the easiest way to work as far as paperwork, and the default), unless you want to (now or later) get a company name and file a 'Doing Business As' type of form. I don't know the laws where you are. Freelancers pay quarterly taxes. You might also eventually organize as a nonprofit or become a division of one.

    You might, seriously, benefit from taking a half hour or hour to just think through a basic business plan, available online and in libraries. Not an extensive one that you'd give to start-up investors or banks for loans but an abbreviated version that addresses issues of:

    typical client
    where and how to find them
    what to charge
    typical rates for similar services in your general area and across the country
    expenses for advertising
    other things you didn't think of and I can't currently remember

    Income as a freelancer needs to cover supplies, time spent behind the scenes on advertising and paperwork, health and/or business insurance, and vacation time.

    This organization is great:


    Maybe you know all the above already, but if you don't, it's easier than it sounds. And working freelance is great!
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